Monday, August 16, 2010

Monkey Business

Monkey cupcakes from yanowhatimean??

As mentioned last Friday, I was rather ill (and by "rather ill," I mean "so sick that I was at first afraid I was gonna die, and then I was afraid I wouldn't.") The timing on that couldn't have been worse, as that I was supposed to have left the day before for Ontario for the wedding of two very dear friends of mine but didn't, as that my digestive tract was busily kicking out everything with a caloric intake from my system like a power-tripping homeowners association.

Food poisoning: Making you feel accomplished when you can keep down dry toast since the dawn of time.

In any event, I spent the majority of my weekend feeling both physically and emotionally miserable, but I did survive (as this post and Twitter will prove.) But since it's a new week and I'm feeling better, here's the post I would have had up on Friday had it not been for all that foulness.

And they're monkey hats!

Monkey hats: They don't discriminate against age, man. Even adults can have a monkey hat.

Of course, not that that stops the majority of monkey hats being for children-types, as this one proves.

As does this one, but seeing as the kid wearing it just looks so darn thrilled, I think I'll let it slide. Y'know, just this once.

Now I know I've done a sock monkey hat post before, but when I saw the following hat, I just couldn't resist the urge to share.

You might wanna prepare yourself, because new levels of awesome are about to be reached:

It's a Mr. T sock monkey hat! Complete with trademark gold jewelry, beard and mohawk! And it's a sock monkey hat! *HEAD ASPLODES FROM THE AWESOME*

And that's all I've got for today (hey--you try looking for something that would top a Mr. T sock monkey hat. I'm telling you: IT CAN'T BE DONE.) Until Wednesday, this is HH, signing off!


  1. Found you by accident. What luck! Love your blog. Adore Mr. T.



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