Monday, October 18, 2010

Owl Hats Strike Again!

Never heard of an egg cozy before, but if they're all as cute as this one by Lucykate Crafts, they should be a household staple.

This is normally the part of the blog where I try to write something funny or interesting and tie it into the post full of hats that you're about to read. But seeing as I overslept by quite a bit and still have bunches of other stuff that needs doing, how's about we skip all that and just look at some owl hats, huh? Will that work for you? I certainly hope so.

First up, we've got this delightful little trio of owl hats. Personally, I'm liking the one on the right the best. There's just something about a cross-eyed owl hat that just strikes me as the pinnacle of cute.

Next up, we've got an amazingly adorable owl hat from TealsCool. Apparently she's quite well-known for her owl hats, as that this photographer did an entire shoot featuring the photographer's kids wearing the hats.

As free ad campaigns go, you really can't beat that, can you?

Awww--this owl hat looks like its beak is in the shape of a heart!

It doesn't get much more precious than that, folks. Well, it could, but it's too early and I haven't had enough coffee yet.

And just because I know some of you out there dig a little subtlety, here's a hat that has a cute little owl patch.

Does that help tide you over? Good, 'cause I've got a few more owl hats to go before I'm done.

This cool-colored owl hat keeps making me think of those The Sak bags. I'm thinking that the straps are what's making me think that way.

Which, I might add, I found at a website that is literally nothing else but owl-themed stuff. If you find yourself really digging owls, you should definitely click on this link right here.

And on that note, see you Wednesday!

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  1. Oh my gosh. Your hats just keep getting more and more amazing! love your stuff.



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