Friday, October 26, 2012

Pretty Little Pets

It's the expression on the bulldog's face that really sells this painting.  But then 
again, that may just be the bulldog's default expression.  It's hard to tell, really.

So Internets--remember how last Friday I posted a bunch of costumes for babies and toddlers?  Yeah, that went over way better than I could have possibly imagined, although in retrospect I suppose that it really shouldn't have (for reference's sake, check out Anne Geddes' entire catalog and you'll catch my drift.)

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because I saw this picture on Facebook, and it got me thinking about writing a post about costumes for pets today.  Because dang it--if dressing up pets is good enough  for memes, then it's good enough for this blog.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you--this is a cat dressed up like circa-"Stronger" Kanye West, complete with shutter shades.  Because if anybody out there knows what it's like to be where art meets commercial, it's most likely a cat.

Maybe it's just me, but there is something deliciously right about dressing up your pet as a Chia Pet.  In fact, I'm kinda surprised that I haven't seen more people dressing up their Chihuahuas as Chia Pets before now.  IT JUST MAKES SO MUCH SENSE.

Considering how cats seem to be under the impression that they are, in fact, royalty, it seems like an entirely natural decision to dress your cat like Princess Peach.  As to whether this will lead to your cat being kidnapped by a gigantic spiky turtle thing or not remains to be seen.

Not gonna lie--I'm posting this costume purely because I loved Where's Waldo? as a kid and can still easily lose an hour to one of those books.

And just because I wasn't aware that people kept chickens, ducks or geese as pets (I thought they were more of a livestock sort of thing, but I'll roll with it,) here's a goose dressed up as a dragon:

Costumes:  Not just for mammalian pets anymore.

And on that note, see you next week!

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